Matthew Strange Jewellery

Welcome to my Strange world. Established in 2007, British Designer Matthew Strange specialises in detailed timeless jewellery in silver, rose gold and gold vermeil. Honeybee’s, Hens, Pugs and Frogs are some of Matthew’s most popular jewellery pieces.

The Ethos: Strange of London’s aim is that silver jewellery should be theatrical, highly detailed, innovative and created as a small art form. Each item of jewellery is designed to work with any outfit and is to give a piece of theatre every time it is worn or seen.

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Logo: Strange of London’s logo incorporates the symbol of a honey bee. The honey bee to Matthew is a great representative of the United Kingdom; everyone knows bees from the British summer picnics ‘buzzing’ around your food, beehives in the idyllic country cottage garden or more recently, rooftops in large urban areas. Bee’s used to be all around us in the United Kingdom but there slowly dying out.

Our iconic symbol, the bee represents the start of our journey, our first range raises awareness into the plight of the British honey bee & we are proud to use it as our ‘icon’.